Before I get to my card inventory post, I thought I would start with the story of my first credit card acquisition.

Back in the day, before the CARD Act, one could market credit cards on college campuses. While I had an authorized user card or two from my father, I don't think I had any real credit cards of mine own when I showed up at college as an 18-year-old.

I went to buy my textbooks with the guy from the room next door to me in my dorm. There was a table out front with Discover Cards being marketed. My Dad loved and still loves Discover. Plus, they were giving away a free baseball cap.

Mark this down as the worst sign-up bonus ever.

At the time, it sounded like a good deal to me. I applied for a card (probably on paper, I don't remember) and eventually a Discover Card showed up.

As I recall, my original limit was $1,200. Yay.

I still have this Discover card. I don't want to give away my age, but let's say it's been around 20 years. I am always going to keep this card, as it is a huge benefit to my score to have some an old account to drive up my average account age.

The card now has a $19,000 limit.